Our Caregivers

Our Caregivers assist nurses and/provider with patient care and provide measures as directed by the Registered Nurse (RN). Caregivers assume responsibilities for meeting patient needs such as hygiene, eating, linen changes, etc. while still ensuring patient safety and confidentiality. We make sure our staff is able to provide the best assistance as possible and obtain the appropriate knowledge and skills to treat our patients.


image6_thumbList of all certifications that caregivers must have

All caregivers must have a current CPR card or First Aid, Tuberculin skin test, and current nursing license to practice in the state of South Carolina.

How we select qualified caregivers

Each applicant will go through an interview and selection process with an experienced Registered Nurse prior to job offer. Additionally, a SLED background check, Motor Vehicle Driving Record, ten panel Drug Screen, personal and professional reference checks will be done on each employee prior to job offer with the company.

Our Supporting Staff & Supervisors

To complement our staff in their skills, Home Land Senior Care provides immediate contact and advice from experienced supervisors who are always on call. Supervisors are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable of all aspects of care giving and senior care. Experience includes over 20+ years within the health and medical industry as a Clinical Nurse, Assistant Nurse Manager,Nurse Manager, and Director of Nursing. Skills include Clinic Nursing, Recovery Room Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Special Procedures, CPR, First Aide, and more.